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Below, find accounts of some of the recent cases we have worked on. We have helped thousands of people minimize their penalties or have charges dismissed entirely. If you are facing criminal charges, be sure to reach out to us at (888) 491-4648.

    • Client charged with Possession of Marijuana and Paraphernalia - US Charges Dismissed

      Our client, a 17 year old not too far from being 18, was driving a car that belonged to an acquaintance. He was on a quick trip to his house to get a t-shirt when the Police pulled him over for having a headlight out. The Office ended up searching the car, where he found some eye drops and a small plastic bag that contained marijuana residue. Our client told the officer that the owner of the car is an acquaintance of his, and the officer told him that the car he was driving is registered to a known drug dealer. Our client was charged with Possession of Marijuana and Paraphernalia. Because our client was so close to turning 18, he was worried that he would be charged as an adult. Our attorney was able to resolve the issue with the court, and got the charge placed in the "Teen Court", thus avoiding the adult court system. Our attorney was able to have our client sentenced to complete a drug awareness program and the charge will be dismissed.

    • Client facing four criminal counts, which included firearm possession. - Oregon Three Charges Dismissed

      Client facing four criminal counts, which included firearm possession.

    • DWI - Arizona Case Dismissed

      Our Attorney took a DWI to trial, and after the state presented its case, he made a motion for a directed verdict, which the court granted, and the CASE WAS DISMISSED

    • Child Molestation - Minnesota Not Guilty Verdict

      Our 28 year-old client was accused of improper touching, kissing, and making verbal advances to his ex-girlfriend’s 12 year-old daughter. We were able to show that the mother coached her daughter to make false allegations on our client. After reviewing the potential charges and the situation, the District Attorney’s office was convinced not to prosecute.

    • Client was held on possession of controlled substances and possession of paraphernalia. - Georgia Case Dismissed

      Client was held on possession of controlled substances and possession of paraphernalia.

    • Felony Theft - Indiana Charges Dropped

      Our client, a juvenile, went to a department store with her friends; the friends shoplifted some shirts but our client had no idea these acts were taking place. The group was stopped by loss prevention upon leaving the store and all were arrested. Our client’s friends also claimed that she didn’t know they were stealing, as our client had trouble with a prior theft charge on her record that was dismissed. Our client was successfully shown to not be part of the thefts and all charges were dropped.

    • Four Criminal Counts Incl. Firearm Possession - Oregon Three Charges Dismissed

      Our client was charged with two felony counts for firearm possession. In addition, the State of Oregon charged our client with disorderly conduct and criminal trespass. Through the diligence and effort of Imhoff & Associates’ attorney, three of the charges were dismissed and client pled guilty to only one count of possession of firearm.

    • Fraud - New Jersey Charges Dismissed

      Our client was working for a restaurant and being accused of stealing meats, produce and supplies to start his own restaurant. The fraud was calculated at $36,000.00. Our Attorney arranged for all the charges to be COMPLETELY DISMISSED.

    • Georgia Drugs Charges - Georgia Case Dismissed

      Our client was arrested and held by Louisville Police Department. Client was held on possession of controlled substances and possession of paraphernalia. The client’s family contacted Imhoff & Associates to represent him in the matter. Our criminal defense attorney, quickly contacted Louisville Police Department. After several phone conversations with the Louisville Department, our attorney was informed that case was dismissed.

    • Grand Theft, Burglary, Embezzlement - California House Arrest

      Grand Theft, Burglary, Embezzlement

    • Grand Theft, Burglary, Embezzlement - California House Arrest

      Defendant charged by Information with Grand Theft(Penal Code Section 487(a), Burglary (Penal Code Section 459), and Embezzlement (Penal Code Section 503). Case plea-bargained the morning jury selection was set to begin. Defendant plead guilty to Grand Theft. The Burglary and Embezzlement felony counts were dismissed. Defendant sentenced to 120 days ofhouse arrest with GPS monitoring, with 17 days combined credit for time served. Bond exonerated.

    • Gross Misdemeanor Criminal Sexual Conduct - Minnesota Not Guilty Verdict

      Our Client is a massage therapist charged with GROSS MISDEMEANOR CRIMINAL SEXUAL CONDUCT. Two weeks before trial, the County Attorney moved to amend the charge to a Felony, thereby requiring 10-year Sex Offender registration. After 4 days of trial, our client was FOUND NOT GUILTY.

    • Inappropriate Sexual Behavior With a Minor - Massachusetts No Charges Filed

      A female client was accused by her father’s ex-wife of inappropriate sexual behavior involving two children. We showed that the charges came about in retaliation for an ongoing personal dispute. Detectives were very aggressive in trying to obtain a confession from our client, even threatening our client with other charges. No charges were filed.

    • Intent to Sell - California No Jail Time and Reduced Charges

      Our client, a High School student was arrested and charged for the Intent to Sell Marijuana at his school. After his parents had a short conversation with our Client Management team our criminal defense attorney Matt Kohn was assigned to their case. Our attorney not only provided excellent legal advice, but also unsolicited advice to our client about his life. Our client’s parents were extremely grateful for reinforcing the advice they were telling their son. In court, our attorney negotiated a plea bargain where the client had to do Community Service, Probation and a Fine. Through our attorneys efforts our client’s parents stated “My son’s crime was serious and I wanted my son to learn a valuable lesson about consequences and yet at the same time receive mercy. I believe through Matt’s performance this outcome was achieved. We are truly thankful and relieved.”

    • Minor in Possession of Alcohol - Virginia Charges Dismissed

      Our client, a college student under age 21, was at a concert on campus with her friend. Our client had been drinking, and when standing in the parking lot behind her friend’s car, an officer approached her and asked to see her identification. Our client’s friend gave the officer a fake ID and the officer got upset, then found some beer in the back seat of the car. Our client was asked to submit to a breath test, and after reading .02, the officer charged her with Minor in Possession of Alcohol. Our client was very concerned with keeping a clean record because she was in college to become a nurse and any charges could end her chances to get into nursing school. Our attorney was able to negotiate a favorable deal with the District Attorney; our client was to complete 24 hours of community service and an alcohol program and the charge would be dismissed.

    • Molestation - US Case Dismissed

      A 14 year-old male client was accused of inappropriately touching his 4 year-old adopted sister, who has symptoms of mental problems. The young child recanted her accusations to their adopted mother, and claimed that she made them because she was mad at her brother. The attorney quickly made light of this evidence and petitioned for dismissal. The prosecution dropped all charges and the case was dismissed before any prosecution.

    • Multiple Sexual Charges - California Probation

      Our Seventeen year old client was charged with LEWD AND LASCIVIOUS ACTS WITH A MINOR, SEX WITH A MINOR, ANNOYING AND MOLESTING A MINOR, AND VIOLATION OF HIS PROBATION. The District Attorney was trying to commit him to the California Youth Authority for four years or to a Group Home for Sex Offenders. Our Attorney was undeterred by the tough District Attorney and got our client some continued probation and one year in a probation and education facility.

    • Our client was on probation for commercial burglary from 2013. - California Informal Probation

      Our client was on probation for commercial burglary from 2013.

    • Our client was under investigation for child pornography. After more than nine months of vigilant representation by the firm att - California Charges Never Filed

      Our client was under investigation for child pornography. After more than nine months of vigilant representation by the firm attorney, the United States Attorney called to inform us that they would not be filing charges.

    • Possession of a Controlled Substance - Arizona Charges not filed

      Arizona: Juvenile client charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance – CHARGES NOT FILED

      Our client, a juvenile just shy of his 18th birthday, was driving in his car with a friend when he was pulled over for allegedly having a license plate light out. Upon showing the officer that the lights were working, the officer asked our client if he could search the vehicle. The officer found over three grams of cocaine in a common area of the vehicle and charged the driver, our client, with Possession of a Controlled Substance, even though the passenger in the car is a convicted felon and our client had a clean record. The main issue in this case was whether or not our client would be charged with this felony as an adult, as he was so close to turning 18. Our attorney was able to convince the state that they had a weak case, and the District Attorney never filed the felony charges against our client.

      *Imhoff & Associates, PC is a multi-jurisdictional criminal defense law firm. Vince Imhoff is the Managing Director and is not licensed to practice law in Arizona. Resident Partner is Danilo Ballecer, 1095 E. Indian School Rd., Suite 600 Phoenix, Arizona. Matters are handled by attorneys who are licensed to practice law in Arizona and who are hired and supervised by Imhoff & Associates,PC. The attorney assigned to your matter may not be the Resident Partner in Arizona. Clients are required to consent to the retention and payment of affiliated attorneys.

    • Possession of a Stolen Vehicle - Washington Not Guilty Verdict

      Our client was arrested and charged in connection with possession of stolen vehicle and several counts of false/illegal statements and transfers. After months of work, our client and our attorney decided to move the matter to jury trial. Our client was found not guilty on all counts.

    • Possession of Child Pornography - Michigan Charges Dismissed

      Our client was charged with 71 Counts of POSSESSION OF CHILD PORNOGRAPHY WITH INTENT TO DISTRIBUTE. Our Attorney had this case for over a year and the charges were in more than one state. THE CHARGES WERE DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE.

    • Possession Sell - US No Conviction

      Our attorney represented a young man who was charged with POSSESSION OF SEVERAL OUNCES OF MJ WITH INTENT TO SELL, ?possession of scales, water pipe, ?papers, and ?plastic ?baggies. In a sweeping victory resulting from charmed circumstances and no doubt a great deal of work, OUR CLIENT ENDED UP WITH NO TIME, NO PROBATION, AND NO CONVICTION.

    • Pre-Indictment of Child Molestation - California Case Rejected by District Attorney

      A Pre-indictment CHILD MOLESTATION case was REJECTED BY THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY after our Attorney did some quick investigation and conducted valuable meetings with the investigating detective. The alleged victim is a 3-year-old stepdaughter that has been a pawn in an increasingly hostile family law situation.

    • Public Intoxication - Indiana Case Dismissed

      Our client was out drinking with some friends and business associates. He walked into a bar in a shopping mall, but the bartender told him he was already drunk, thus refusing to serve him and asking him to leave. Our client cooperated, left the bar, and went outside to call his girlfriend to come pick him up. Our client walked to his car to wait for his girlfriend, where he fell asleep with his keys in his lap. Apparently, the bartender that asked out client to leave called the Police, and officers found our client asleep inside of his vehicle. Police woke him up, and then proceeded to charge him with Public Intoxication. Our attorney was able to argue that our client was waiting for his girlfriend to pick him up in the privacy of his own car, and the case against out client was dismissed.

    • Public Intoxication and Resisting Arrest - US Not Guilty Verdict

      Our client was at a bar when she was approached by someone trying to sell her drugs. The client told the manager and the manager then called the police. When the police came, our client was ARRESTED FOR PUBLIC INTOXICATION AND RESISTING ARREST. Our attorney took this young lady’s case to trial and received a verdict of NOT GUILTY.

    • Second DUI - New York Charges Dismissed and Record of Arrest Sealed

      Client was charged with his second DUI when he got into a car accident with a Manhattan taxi. The District Attorney was asking for jail time. Our Attorney was able to get the CHARGES COMPLETELY DISMISSED and the client’s RECORD OF ARREST SEALED.

    • Sex Crime - Kansas Case Dismissed

      Our attorney took on a SERIOUS SEX CASE in the heartland of America involving a state mental patient. Aggressive litigation caused the CASE TO BE DISMISSED.

    • Sexual Molestation - US Not Guilty Verdict

      Our client was charged with SEXUAL MOLESTATION of a child under the age of 12 years – a FELONY that could land a convicted defendant to life in prison. The state refused to discuss a plea offer. The trial lasted four days and was excruciatingly difficult for our client. In the end, the jury found our client NOT GUILTY!

    • Theft - California Case Dismissed

      Our client was at a bank ATM when he found a wallet that was left there by another customer. Out client took the wallet back to his car and was looking through its contents when a man approached him and asked if he had found a wallet, before he knew the identity of its owner. Our client told the man that he hadn’t found a wallet and that man walked away. Shortly after, our client felt guilty and dropped the wallet in a mailbox with all of the original contents inside. Our client was contacted by the police a couple weeks later regarding the wallet, and our client told the truth about what had happened. Our client was informed that the man had pressed charges of Petty Theft. Our attorney was able to argue the charges using past instances where those in possession of lost wallets were detained when trying to return them, and all charges against our client were dismissed.

    • Transporting Methamphetamine With Intent to Sell - US Case Dismissed

      Our client was charged with TRANSPORTING METHAMPHETAMINE WITH INTENT TO SELL. Our client has prior drug convictions. It did not look good for our client until our attorney stepped in. After more than a year of pertinacious dedication he concluded out client’s case: THE CASE WAS DISMISSED. Through our expert research and investigation, it turns out that the actual offender/dealer had already been convicted several years ago. OUR CLIENT’S FREEDOM WAS PROTECTED BY AN ATTORNEY WHO DIDN’T JUST WALK INTO THE COURT AND LOOK FOR A GOOD PLEA BARGAIN.

    • Unauthorized Practice of Law - Pennsylvania Charges Not Filed

      A judge scolded a potential defendant in court for pleading and filing motions like an attorney. The judge instructed a criminal investigator and a District Attorney to charge the potential defendant with Unauthorized Practice of Law. After many letters and conferences back and forth, our Attorney crafted a defense that convinced the District Attorney to forego charges as long as the potential defendant agreed to never participate in such conduct again.

    • Unwanted Touching - California Charges Not Filed

      Our client and a past girlfriend of his went out to a party together. The two got highly intoxicated and ended up going back to her apartment to go to sleep. Our client slept on the couch, while his ex-girlfriend slept in her bedroom. Sometime in the middle of the night, our client went into her room and got in bed with her to sleep more comfortably than on the couch. Somehow, both our client and his ex-girlfriend ended up in a half-awake daze in which they started to engage in romantic bedroom antics. When the woman came to her senses and realized what was happening, she told our client to stop and he complied; they both went back to sleep. Our client left the next morning with the feeling that the situation might lead to some issues with the police. Our attorney was in direct contact with the District Attorney for the case and was able to convince the DA’s office that charges weren’t warranted; our client avoided a potentially damaging sex charge.

    • Conspiracy to Distribute Marijuana - US Sentence Reduced

      Our client was charged with CONSPIRACY TO DISTRIBUTE MARIJUANA and was looking at a possible prison term of 15 – 20 years. Our attorney was able to convince the government that our client was just a gardener (a low level individual in the operation) and was sentenced only to twelve months and one day. Considering the massive amount of time hanging in the balance this was a positive result and the client was very satisfied.

    • Date Rape - Arizona Charges Dropped

      Our client was accused of sexual assault by his ex-girlfriend of 5 months. The incident was alleged to happen at our client’s relatives’ house. After a court process that involved the filing and retracting of restraining orders as well as the criminal proceedings, the prosecution threw in the towel and dropped the charges.

    • Disorderly Conduct and Obstruction of Justice - California Case Dismissed

      Our client was at home with his father and some friends. After hearing some nearby noise and seeing flashlights, our client and his father stepped outside to see what was going on. Apparently, the police had been called to the area for a suspected DUI at a nearby park, but upon arrival supposedly saw someone jump a fence and throw a rock that hit one of the officers. Our client was beaten by the police and arrested for Disorderly Conduct and Resisting arrest; however, his father heard one of the officers say, "We got the wrong guy." After the attorney made light of the situation and errors made by the police, the case was dismissed.

    • Domestic Violence - California Charges Dismissed

      Our Client, a naturalized citizen from China now living in Salinas, California, was involved in a domestic dispute with her husband resulting in Domestic Violence Charges. This criminal complaint was especially problematic for our client because of her immigration status and she was in the process of accepting a prestigious job offer. There was a firm deadline in place; if our attorney was not able to make the charges go away by a certain date, the job offer would be withdrawn.

      Our attorney, Phil Johnson went above and beyond to put the client’s best interests first and manage all aspects of the case. He was able to work quickly and effectively to obtain a Dismissal of the Charges. He even communicated with the client’s potential employer to protect her new position, all the while putting the client at ease by making sure her questions were answered and concerns were addressed.

    • Domestic Violence - Washington Charges Deferred

      Our client was going through tough times and was feeling suicidal. She was at the point where she was very distraught and was beating her head against the wall very violently. Her significant other became very worried and tried to call the Police for help, but our client wanted nothing of the sort. Our client ended up biting her significant other as he tried to call the Police, and was later arrested and charged with Domestic Violence. Not only was our attorney able to overcome the difficulty of our client not being able to speak English, he was able to negotiate a deal with the court in which out client would defer the charge for 18 months. If our client keeps on good behavior during this period, no conviction for the charge will go on her record. Our attorney was able to give our client the opportunity of keeping a clean record.

    • Drug Trafficking - US Probation

      Our client was facing a mandatory jail sentence for DRUG TRAFFICKING. However, we managed to have his warrant quashed. In addition, the charges were reduced to possession of a control substance with the intent to sale. Our client avoided a jail sentence and walked away with probation.

    • DUI - Georgia Minimum Sentence Imposed

      We had a client that was 20 years old with 5 DUI RELATED MISDEMEANORS. The client was facing 4 years imprisonment and the judge wanted the case to be charged as a Felony. Our attorney was able to negotiate the minimum sentence allowed under Georgia’s laws.

    • DUI - Nebraska Charges Dismissed

      Our client, who lives in New York, got a DUI in Nebraska, and happened to be out of the country for his first court date. Our attorney was able to arrange (after the completion of a diversion program) for the CHARGES TO BE COMPLETELY DISMISSED.

    • DUI and Possession of Marijuana - California Charges Dropped

      Our Client was arrested for a DUI AND POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA. Our attorney argued that there was insufficient evidence to support a finding of probable cause for the stop and search; ALL CHARGES WERE DROPPED.

    • DUI Refusal - California Case Dismissed

      Our client was facing his Second DUI and Refusal to perform the Breathalyzer. Our Attorney took it to trial, and on the second day the CASE WAS DISMISSED.

    • Child Molestation - Texas Not Guilty Verdict

      Williamson County jury just found our client not guilty of Indecency with a child. He had been offered a 5 year deferred adjudication probation and limited sex offender registration but took the hard road and was exonerated by a jury after an emotionally draining trial!

    • Child Molestation - US No Jail Time

      Our client was charged with four counts of Sexual Battery of a Child under 12 and four counts of Child Molestation. He was accused of these crimes for allegedly touching his own step-granddaughters, and faced a life sentence for these charges if convicted. Our attorney relentlessly negotiated with the court, and was able to secure a sentence that was favorable to our client. Our attorney was able to take a life sentence and negotiate a plea bargain of NO jail time and five years probation, with early termination of probation if 2.5 years are successfully completed. The family of our client was so happy with our attorney they wrote a letter to him thanking him for the ‘most precious gift to have: freedom.

    • Child Molestation - California Charges Dismissed

      San Diego (California) - Prosecutors in San Diego announced on February 22, 2012 that no charges will be held against Imhoff & Associates client Luis Galicia. Defense Attorney Shannon Dorvall of the Imhoff & Associates law firm successfully got her client’s charges dropped. Earlier on November 23, 2011 Shannon Dorvall secured the release of wrongfully convicted client Luis Galicia and had the case dismissed by the First District Court of Appeals. After the announcement today the Galicia Family can now put the nearly four year ordeal past them. This case has been a tremendous victory for Imhoff & Associates firm and Defense Attorney Shannon Dorvall.

      See Univision Case Coverage About Imhoff & Associates Client Wrongfully Accused of Sex Crime

      Imhoff & Associates Secures Release of Wrongfully Convicted Client Luis Galicia and Dismissal of Child Molestation Case

      San Diego (California) – Defense Attorney Shannon Dorvall of the Imhoff & Associates Law Firm, one of the largest multi-jurisdictional criminal defense firms, escorted her client Luis Galicia into the arms of his loving family upon his release after successfully getting her client’s case dismissed by the First District Court of Appeals on November 23, 2011. Luis served four years after a trial court convicted him for sexual molestation of his sister. At the original trial, the state’s doctor testified that she believed that his sister had been forcibly raped, despite the testimony of the doctor for the defense, who stated he disagreed with the state’s evidence. Even though his sister recanted her testimony and said that the charges were not true, the trial jury convicted Luis Galicia, and the sentence handed down was two 15 to life sentences.

      The family hired the Imhoff firm to file an appeal on Luis’ behalf. While awaiting the Judge’s response in the appeal case, the family took his sister to two doctors who examined her and disagreed with the state’s doctor, both stating that his sister’s hymen was intact and that she had never had sex. The Imhoff firm also filed a Writ of Habeas Corpus on Luis Galicia’s behalf with the First District Court of Appeals, who agreed to order a hearing, and the Imhoff firm was also successful in obtaining the cooperation of the San Diego District Attorney’s Office to review the new medical evidence. The District Attorney agreed to have the Children’s Hospital also review the trial photos and examine the girl, and they agreed also that she had never had sex. The District Attorney testified at the hearing that the trial evidence was nonsense. The Judge ordered the case dismissed and the release of Mr. Galicia.

      The Imhoff firm believes that no family should have to endure the ordeal that the Galicia family has gone through. Unfortunately, innocent people can be accused of all sorts of crimes they have not committed. If a person is arrested or charged with a sex crime, these are serious charges and can ruin a person’s reputation and life as well as destroy their family’s lives. Imhoff & Associates believes in justice and that all persons are innocent until proved otherwise. That is why the Imhoff legal defense team vigorously defends their clients by specializing in the most innovative legal services defense strategies and treats their clients with the utmost dignity and respect. The firm’s outstanding and skilled defense attorneys work diligently and creatively to offer the highest level of service to our clients and uphold the principles and standards upon which this firm was founded by providing service to clients with members of the firm available 24/7.

    • Embezzlement - California Case Dismissed

      Our client is a department store supervisor charged with EMBEZZLEMENT. In our Attorney’s own words, “After a long day, almost 8 hours, 3 prosecution witnesses, the Judge issued a ruling: CASE DISMISSED!"

    • Failure to Appear Warrant for DUI - California Warrant Recalled and Quashed

      Our client, who lives in Illinois, was on a visit to California and had to face some old charges. In one court appearance, our attorney caused a 12-YEAR-OLD FAILURE TO APPEAR WARRANT FOR A DUI MATTER RECALLED AND QUASHED.

    • Felony Embezzlement - Michigan Not Guilty Verdict

      Our client was facing up to five years in prison and/or a $10,000.00 fine for FELONY EMBEZZLEMENT CHARGES. After our Attorney conducted a three-day jury trial, OUR CLIENT WAS FOUND NOT GUILTY.

    • Felony Reckless Discharge of a Firearm - Illinois Not Guilty Verdict

      Our client a Federal Immigration Agent was charged with a Felony for Reckless Discharge of a Firearm when he fired off two pistol rounds to break up a bar fight in West Dundee, IL in Kane County. According to testimony, our client ran into an old high school classmate at a bar that night. Later, the friend and another man got into a scuffle inside that resumed in an adjacent parking lot. Our client went to his car to retrieve his firearm during the fight and shot two warning shots into the air, which stopped the scuffle between both fighters. Our client was then taken into custody. Imhoff & Associates, P.C. criminal attorney, Kevin Talbot was assigned to this case and defended the client. Our attorney was able to get the client Acquitted of the Felony charge brought against him. The client was relieved by the verdict.

    • Accessory to Shoplifting on US Military Base - Virginia Charges Dismissed

      Our client was with her boyfriend at a Navy Exchange store; her boyfriend proceeded to open boxes and conceal almost $500 worth of merchandise. The two passed all points of purchase with the merchandise, and were then arrested. Our client was charged with being an accessory to Theft of U.S. Property. Our client’s boyfriend stated in his written statement to the court that our client did not assist him in the shoplifting at all. After taking the case all the way to trial, our attorney was able to convince the U.S Government to dismiss the case.

    • California Drug Case - California Deferred Entry of Judgment

      Our client was on probation for commercial burglary from 2013. We represented our client on his new/open case, which involved the police executing a search warrant. The warrant stated that a confidential reliable informant purchased methamphetamine from the defendant at defendant's residence. During the search, the police recovered methamphetamine, over two dozen empty baggies, a scale with residue on it, two firearms, our clients vehicle that had a modified hidden compartment, $800. 00, three methamphetamine pipes, a surveillance camera, Alprazolam (a controlled substance), concentrated cannabis, Carisoprodal (a controlled substance). Due to prefiling work (phone calls to the detective, DA, defendant, defendant's family, submitting paperwork/documents),we avoided a possession for sales charge. At the arraignment, although he was still charged with two felonies and three misdemeanors, our defense attorney was able to reason with the DA to give defendant deferred entry of judgment (DEJ). He will do a 3 month drug program, and be on informal probation for 18 months. As long as our client successfully completes the program, and stays out of trouble, the case will be dismissed in 18 months.